Alternative Ways for Skin Tag Removal at Home

by on August 31, 2011

Alternative Ways for Skin Tag Removal at Home


skin tag removal at homeHave you ever been bothered by that extra flap or protrusion of skin is that on your neck, eyelid or in your armpits? They are called skin tags and you may want to have some skin tag removal at home to get rid of it.

Skin tags, known in the medical field as acrochordon, is a type of skin anomaly that have caused significant alteration of the own body image alteration to those inflicted individuals. This is because skin tags are quite an unsightly growth in the skin. Because of this, many have sought medical help. However, many find that the treatment for skin tag very expensive. Hence, they turn to alternatives – skin tag removal at home. There have been many ways to conduct skin tag removal at home and most of them have been made to be as cheap as possible in order for many to avail of it.

Ways to conduct skin tag removal at home

Skin tag removal at home is a really good alternative for the real treatment. Ideally, a skin tag is usually treated by means of surgery, cryotherapy (the use of liquid nitrogen) and by means of electrocautery. These procedures have really been proven to be effective removing skin tags. But, they have been the least chosen by many as they have a price tag not suited for the budget of many. Hence, a skin tag removal would be desirable.

With alternative ways to have skin tag removal, you can help yourself save your money and effort to get rid of your skin tag. However, as with any other alternatives, caution must always be taken. If possible, consult your doctor before trying an alternative to be sure that you can be safe when you use a certain alternative way for skin tag removal.

  • One increasingly popular way of skin tag removal at home is the use of threads or dental floss. As what you might have already known, a skin tag is abnormal protrusion of the skin connected only by a small band of tissue. Hence it can easily be removed physically without causing pain with the appropriate skin tag removal at home. Removing it physically means removing it by cutting it. For this how to get rid of skin tags, the skin tag is tied with a thread or floss around its base tightly. The idea behind this is to cut the blood supply of the skin tag. The flab of skin above the thread is then cut with a scissor. You should ensure that both the thread and the scissor that you use are clean as to avoid infection. The remaining skin should be washed immediately with hydrogen peroxide and keep the areas clean using the same chemical. This method of skin tag removal at home is almost the same with the procedure that a doctor might have done.


  • Another method of skin tag removal at home is through the use of Vitamin E capsules. This type of skin tag removal at home works under the same principle as the above method – cutting off the skin tag’s blood supply. Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant that makes skin look young. In the case of how to get rid of skin tags, the abnormal clustering of skin will be denied with blood supply by the Vitamin E. As a result, the extra skin growth will soon atrophy and, eventually, will slough off. This effect typically takes place for a period of 2-3 days. This skin tag removal at home is done by applying a Vitamin E capsule locally over the skin tag. The area should, then, be covered with a band aid or a clean dressing.


  • One method of skin tag removal at home that follows the same logic with the first two mentioned how to remove skin tags methods is the use of duct tape. You might be surprised, but when it comes to skin tag removal at home, anything in your home can just be the answer to your problem. Duct tape works the same way as tying a thread around the base of the skin tag. Applying duct tape on the skin tag prevents the skin tag from acquiring some blood supply. As a result, the skin tag will die and will eventually fall off. You will know when to remove the duct tape. It will feel like the duct tape is loosening. When this happens, remove it immediately and check if the skin tag had fallen off. If not, then repeat the process until the desired result is achieved. This is one of the cheapest ways that you can use when looking for how to remove skin tags.


  • Castor oils and baking soda have also been proven to be great alternative to remove skin tags. The principle behind the use of these two substances is different from the rest of the above mentioned methods of skin tag removal at home. Castor oils and baking soda are mixed together and then applied on the area of the skin tag. The mixture has a drying effect. When a skin tag is dried, it often sloughs off by itself. This makes the method a good skin tag removal at home. The mixture works best if it is applied over the area 2-3 times per day.

Skin Tag Removal At Home Overall:

Castor oils, duct tape, Vitamin E capsules or through direct cutting – whatever skin tag removal method you plan to use, ensure first that a certain method fits your needs or goals. Removing skin tags has some variations, especially on the time frame of the treatment. Others may take years to achieve the effect and others are instantaneous. The choice for the right skin tag removal at home still lies in your hands. However, it would be wise to get the opinion of your doctor first regarding good skin tag removal at home methods. Once again, skin tag removal at home is aimed only to get rid of skin tags.


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